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Samsung Reveals 43″ Twist & Turn TV For Millenials

First it was the Fire Vase, now Samsung has got into the twist and turn business with the revealing of a radical transforming 43″ TV that can be flipped sideways or vertical.

Designed to play vertical images the new TV is aimed at millennials who want to view content from social media networks.

Called the Sero the new TV will sit alongside The Frame and The Serif TV’s and will cost around $2,200 if released in Australia.

Capable of rotating vertically to mimic content orientation on mobile phones the devices call also be used to display vertically shot images.

The company says the design, which can switch between horizontal and vertical modes by just pressing a button, aims to capitalize on the growing number of users engaging in more dedicated and long term viewing on their mobile devices.

According to a press release, the company will release the TV in Samsung’s home market of South Korea for a starting price of around US $1,600 and if successful could end up in Australia.

It also comes with 4.1 channel 60-watt speakers, that can double as a standalone music kiosk with a built-in visualizer.

The TV can switch back and forth between horizontal and vertical orientations by pressing one button

Similarly, The Frame is meant to blend into homes by mimicking a piece of artwork. The TV is only 2 inches thick and comes with various attachable framing options in wood grain and solid colours.

The frame is meant to blend seamlessly with one’s living room and offers different bezel options that come in solid colours and wood grain.

With the company’s ‘Art Mode’ the TV can also be used to display high definition artwork when it’s not in use.

To access Samsung’s catalogue of 800 pictures, customers will have to pay an additional $4.99 per month.

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