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Samsung Reusing S21 Ultra OLED Material Set For S22 Ultra

Samsung is reportedly using the same OLED material set it used for the S21 Ultra, known as the M11, for the panel on the 6.8-inch S22 Ultra.

It is likely this is merely a cost-cutting exercise, as well as a way to avoid any unforeseen supply crunches. It also slots nicely into the company’s recent pressue to go green, which the limitation of waste materials.

Samsung are making a big push for the S22 lineup, and this will help them increase early shipments of the Ultra.

As TheElec points out, every new generation of its highest tier phones since 2019’s S10 series has used a new material set.

It’s likely that, aside from cost control, Samsung Display is keeping its M12 material set for the latest series of Samsung foldables, as well as Apple’s iPhone 14, which Samsung Display also provides for.

The iPhone 13 uses the same M11 material set as the S22 Ultra.

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