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Samsung, Qualcomm Tipped To Deny Apple 5G Modems

UBS analysts expect both Qualcomm and Samsung to deny Apple 5G modems for its smartphones, questioning the iPhone manufacturer’s ability to launch a 5G-compatible handset by 2020.

As per 9to5Mac, a report published by UBS analyst, Timothy Arcuri, asserts it’s increasingly likely Apple will not launch a 5G smartphone next year.

According to Taiwan’s Electronic Timessources claim both Qualcomm and Samsung have rejected Apple’s request for 5G modems.

It comes as several smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Huawei and LG are already on route to release a 5G-compatible handset this year.

Whilst Qualcomm’s rejection surrounds its ongoing legal dispute with Apple, Samsung is said to have denied supply over insufficient production capacity of its Exynos 51005G modem.

Apple’s preferred component supplier, Intel, does not currently have a 5G modem available, prompting speculation for a 5G iPhone in 2020.

UBS claims there’s the chance Intel’s 5G modem may not even be ready in time for next year’s iPhones, pushing release to 2021.


Whilst Huawei has its Balong 5000 modem, the Chinese giant has historically been reluctant to sell its chips to rival manufacturers.

Whilst a MediaTek component is rumoured to be an option, Mr Arcuri claims the chip does not meet Apple’s standards.

Whilst the impact of a delayed 5G-iPhone is yet to be clear, commentators claim the effect will be dependent on consumers’  uptake of technology.

Earlier this week Telstra Chief Executive, Andy Penn, rebuffed remarks that 5G is overhyped, asserting the technology will underpin most services in the next five years.

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