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Samsung Prepping To Take Down AirTag

When it comes to object trackers, Tile and AirTag are the current go-to. Now it seems Samsung will hit the market with a second gen of the Galaxy SmartTag by the end of the year, no doubt at the same time they launch their next foldable phones.

Word has it they will be boosting the detection range, improving speakers for wider audio alert scope, and providing better battery.

The current gen of Galaxy SmartTag  certainly aren’t to be sneezed at, due to their handy size and accessibility, but being locked into the SmartThings ecosystem means you need a Samsung phone to really join the party.

Still, the tight integration with Samsung is obviously a plus when dealing with associated products – and SmartThings is is great way of coordinating your smart home.

The button on the tracker can also be customised to perform tasks, like controlling lights, and support for ultra-wideband tech allows users to track the location within 15m using AR cues in the camera app.

That means the next gen of Galaxy SmartTag is certainly something to keep an eye out for.

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