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Samsung OZ, New Fold Confirmed Galaxy Note Lite Tipped

Samsung is set to launch the new Galaxy Fold in Australia shortly along with a possible Note 10 Lite model in 2020.

The new device is tipped to be a value version of Samsung’s top-tier flagships which is unique because it has a pen.

According to SamMobile a device could be launch at Mobile World Congress in March 2020.

The model number is believed to be SM-N770F and will be available in at least two-colour options — black and red.

Currently Samsung offers two versions of the Galaxy Note 10: a regular one, and the bigger Galaxy Note 10+.

There’s no word yet on what exactly makes this device “budget,” but it’s expected some features will be cut to keep the price down.

Some have speculated that the S Pen, for instance, may not appear in this version however this is the big differentiator for the Note 10+

Other potential austerity measures include a smaller battery, a lower-resolution screen, and possibly fewer cameras. The question is how drastic Samsung can change the phone without removing the essential things that the Galaxy Note brand is popular for.

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