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Samsung Neo QLED TV Lands Today with New 2021 Range

Samsung has a lot to celebrate; 2021 marks the TV giant’s 15th year running in dominating the home entertainment market and with that comes a neighbourhood’s-worth of big screen options built for the Australian home and lifestyle.

“What we watch and how we watch it has changed,” observes Hass Mahdi, Head of Audio Visual, Samsung Australia. “It is our role to continue to provide industry pioneering innovations designed for the way we live.”

As consumers, size is undoubtedly what matters to us; the screens we’re buying are getting bigger and bigger, and the average household has come to expect upwards of 65” to be the norm.

But with that also comes the inevitable expectation for increased picture quality to go with our overblown, cinematic screens.

Any why shouldn’t it; we’re spending more time than ever in front of a TV screen – no longer for the sole purpose of being entertained, but also to work from home, keep in touch with friends and family and, ironically, get fit (online workouts are practically the real thing when they’re beamed from 85 inches of mini-LEDs).

Enter Samsung’s shiny new masterpiece: Neo QLED. This is a crème-de-la-crème, top of the range, utterly ground-breaking new quantum matrix backlight technology.

Neo is taking QLED to the next level enabled by a new light source, Quantum Mini LED, which is precisely controlled by Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processor, a powerful picture processor optimised for Neo QLED.

The hyper-cluey folk at Samsung have managed to shrink their standard LED module lens down to one-fortieth of its original size to create the new Quantum Mini LED. This is achieved by replacing the traditionally solid, bulky module lens with a slinky microlayer-coated format, allowing for more precise light control in a smaller package.

The Quantum Matrix Technology then enables ultra-fine and precise control of the densely packed LEDs. Jam-packed with more light sources than other LED TVs by Samsung, the Neo QLED TVs are all about the big-screen experience as people are increasingly investing in a home cinema setup.

This brand-new line-up is headed by the magnificent Neo QLED 8K TV (QN900), which will feature an eye-pleasing infinity display with barely any bezel to be seen, while the entire unit protrudes a mere 15mm from the wall. This flagship model is joined by a 4K (QN90A) model.

“Neo QLED technology is a game-changer for big screen TVs in Australia, we’ve reengineered how the picture comes to life,” says Mahdi.

“We know Australians are buying bigger TVs and that picture quality is the number one consideration for many customers when upgrading. Neo QLED will offer incredible contrast, colour and brightness to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience.”

The Neo QLED 8K TV also packs in several premium, room-filling audio features, including Object Tracking Sound (OTS) Pro, which detects the movement of objects on-screen to output corresponding dynamic sound.

SpaceFit Sound is an interesting one – it analyses the installed TV’s physical environment and tailors immersive sound specifically to your space at home. For example, if you’re vacuuming, then this TV might jump up the voice audio to adjust to the noise.

Speakers are located in the top half of the Neo TVs – logical, being that audio ‘sinks’.

But if the in-built sound is not enough for you, the newly revamped soundbars should do the trick – re-shaped to now fit sleekly in conjunction with every Samsung TV. No screen overlap, just a perfectly snug-fitting unit that practically becomes one with the TV it amplifies.

Just another example of how Samsung are leaders in terms of the way we use technology in everyday life, with home aesthetics being a frontrunner on a consumer’s wish list.

Samsung’s new range for 2021 will also see a brand new The Frame, alongside new design forms and software updates across the family. The Frame will feature a significantly slimmer profile, new bezel options and The Art Store continues to add new works, now offering 1,400 pieces from world-renowned galleries.

The brand’s lifestyle portfolio will continue to offer The Premiere (an ultra-short throw triple laser 4K smart projector favoured for the at-home cinema experience), The Sero, The Serif and The Terrace TV (an outdoor TV delivering 4K QLED picture and Smart features).



85″ QN900A $13,999
75″ QN900A $10,499
65″ QN900A $7,579
85″ QN800A $10,499
75″ QN800A $7,579
65″ QN800A $5,599


75″ QN90A $6,399
65″ QN90A $4,899
55″ QN90A $3,849
50″ QN90A $2,899
85″ QN85A $7,579
75″ QN85A $5,249
65″ QN85A $4,429

Samsung’s 2021 TV range is available nationally from today.

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