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Samsung Light Up Sydney With ‘QLED Live’ Event

Samsung are trying to get the word out on their top-of-the-line QLED TVs with a new event that “celebrates the immersive viewing experience delivered by Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology.”

Developed in collaboration with Society Sydney and based out of Waterloo’s COMMUNE, QLED Live will open to the public on Friday 7th of April.

Those who attend will be guided a series of rooms filled with rich, vivid colors that show off Samsung’s QLED range at its best.

According Mark Warburton, Director of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia, “Samsung’s QLED TVs provide an unrivalled viewing experience, which QLED Live takes to the next level. We’re thrilled to be bringing the perfect combination of light and colour to Australians – regardless of their understanding of TV technology. This event is not just telling a story about TV technology, rather, we aim to tell a story about the power of colour and how it can impact people’s emotions when watching their favourite TV content.”

“The power of the idea comes from a tailored customer-centric approach to understanding the ways Australians experience colour, which is primarily through the TV,” he said.

ChannelNews editor David Richards recently reviewed the Q8 model and came away impressed.

“You have got to give to Samsung, they are real innovators,” he wrote in his review.

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