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Samsung Launches Self-Repair Program For Devices

Samsung has joined Apple in offering a self-repair program for users who wish to fix their own busted devices.

The program will allow customers to buy device parts, tools, and repair guides, and will launch in June with support for the Galaxy S20 and S21 phones and the Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet. The program will start slowly, offering repalcement screens, display ports and phone backs.

Same-day repair through Samsung Authorized Care locations will remain until the service launches.

“At Samsung, we’re creating more ways for consumers to extend the lifespan of our products with premium care experiences,” said Ramon Gregory, senior vice president of customer care at Samsung Electronics America.

“Availability of self-repair will provide our consumers the convenience and more options for sustainable solutions.”

This program will launch in the US through iFixit, with no Australian equivilent announced yet.

It’s another victory for the right to repair movement, and shows that both Apple and Samsung are getting ahead of any regulations that might emerge in the near future.

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