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Samsung Is Making Clothes To Charge Your Phone

Samsung is expanding its foray into smart clothing, following a new patent application which details clothing that generates energy from a person’s movements – potentially applicable for wirelessly charging your phone.

LetsGoDigital first noticed the patent application filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Whilst the WIPO patent was applied for on June 2nd, the original Korean patent was applied for a year earlier.

Samsung’s smart clothing will incorporate an ‘energy harvester’, which will trigger sensors embedded into the clothing, via energy generated from the movement of the person.

Multiple processors and sensors will generate energy, and convert it into useful functions – e.g. some commentators speculate a jacket, with a pocket which can wirelessly charge your phone; or a jacket with a camera embedded on the back.

Samsung’s patent affirms that their technique is extra energy efficient, meaning a smaller battery can be integrated.

The patented smart clothing technology has the ability to be applied to a range of clothing items – jackets, pants, hats, gloves and shows.

Samsung first introduced its own smart clothing brand, The HumanFit at IFA 2015, and speculation is that the Korean-based giant will unveil further clothing innovations at CES 2018.

The integration of technology and clothing is clearly a growing trend, following Google’s recent smart denim jacket, created in collaboration with Levi’s. Apple is also reportedly working on its own line of smart clothes.

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