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Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus Schematics Leak, Confirming Rumours

While MWC in Barcelona may be a month away, rumours for the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 are swarming and now schematics for the new smartphone have been leaked.

These schematics are confirming a number of rumours and leaks that have been emerging over the past couple of months including the S9 Plus having a dual camera and putting the fingerprint scanner below the camera.

Earlier in the week images were leaked for the Galaxy S9 Plus, comparing the schematic for the Galaxy S9 Plus and the leaked image you can see there is no difference.

The schematics images were leaked through Twitter user Zyad Atef.

Ausdroid discovered a Weibo post also pertaining to the Samsung Galaxy S9 saying, “The Samsung UX division has designed several unique new interfaces to the Galaxy S9 that are not visible in any previous version”. So it’ll only be a matter of time before either those get leaked or we will just have to wait for February 26.

Ausdroid is reporting it’ll be something AI related as most smartphones have an AI element.

Only a month now until MWC where visitors will be able to finally see if the new Galaxy device.

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