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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Smashes Records As iPhone Lovers Take To The Device

Despite Samsung witnessing a sharp fall in demand for smartphones, their top end Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, has proved to be a winner with the Company closing in on 11 million sales of the popular device, since being launched according to reports coming out of South Korea.

ChannelNews has been told that more Apple customers in Australia, than ever before are switching to the S22 Ultra that has the Samsung S Pen stylus, which was previously exclusive to the Samsung Note line-up built into the device.

Insiders at Samsung in South Korea recently celebrated the monumental milestone, with their Flip and Fold Galaxy models also delivering premium market growth.

The S22 Ultra is also on track to outsell all the previous Galaxy Note offerings according to sources.

If the S22 Ultra reaches its 11 million sales prediction, it will be best-selling Samsung phone that has the S Pen stylus built in.

Previously the entire Note 10 model only sold 9.5 million units, while the Note 9 achieved around 9.6 million sales.

As for the Galaxy Note 20 this device failed to get into the record books with the lowest sales ever for an S Pen device racking up only 7.5 million units.

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