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Samsung Cuts LCD Production To Focus On QD-OLED

Samsung Display has apparently cut down production of LCD panels in order to shift its focus towards Quantum Dot (QD)-OLED displays – an all-new hybrid QLED-OLED design.

According to The Korea Herald, the plan has seemingly been confirmed by Samsung Display’s CEO Lee Dong-hoon, who said “the company is making good efforts to manufacture QD-OLED TVs in the near future”.

The report claims that Samsung is planning to invest upwards of US$8.3 billion in QD-OLED products, with the first planned product released being a high-end TV.

Samsung has said in the past that it sees the TV market heading towards micro-LED, but believes that QD-OLED displays could fill that technology gap until micro-LED becomes more viable.

Developed by Samsung, QD-OLED takes traditional OLED displays and combines it with the same QD technology already found on QLED TVs.

This combination results in an OLED TV with much better overall brightness, as well as the colour intensity offered by QLEDs, while also preserving black levels and the clarity of OLED TVs.

Besides the acknowledgement by Samsung, no further details on product release, cost and availability have been provided.

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