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Samsung CEO Apologises For S22 Performance Issues

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman and co-CEO Han Jong-hee has apologised to a group of 1,600 shareholders for the controversy surrounding performance throttling issues of the new Galaxy S22 range, admitting: “we were unable to properly consider our consumer’s needs.”

The culprit was Samsung’s new Game Optimising Service, which adjusts the performance of app in order to prevent overheating and preserve the phone’s battery. It’s ostensibly for games that take a lot of power to run, but the coding showed a list of 10,000 apps it throttled the performance of, including most everyday apps, like TikTok, Netflix, Instagram, and even its own Samsung Pay.

It’s been quite the disaster.

“The GOS was designed to optimise the phone’s performance considering the diverse characteristics of gamers,” Han said at the company’s annual general meeting.

“The device’s consistent performance is crucial when enjoying high-end games so we limited the performance of CPU and GPU to the appropriate levels to minimise overheating while maintaining consistency.

“We will listen to our users’ voices more carefully and reward them with the best quality and service so as not to repeat similar issues.”

The company has indicated it will fix the problem with a software update.


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