Samsung is furthering its camera plans with the purchase of Corephotonics, the Israeli mobile camera technology company behind dual-camera photography in a deal worth US$155 million.

Globes, an Israeli business publication, is reporting that Samsung acquired Corephotonics for US$155 million.

Corephotonics developed a type of mobile dual-camera technology that improved the quality of captured images — and is suing Apple for allegedly copying the tech in their iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.

The Israeli company works with many of the large smartphone manufacturers to provide camera module solutions and is rumoured to be expanding its technology to drones, security systems, and vehicles.

Little is known about this deal at this stage, and it is unlikely that the purchase will affect anything in the short term — for instance, on the upcoming Galaxy S10, Note 10, or Samsung’s foldable phone.

However, it may affect OPPO’s optical zoom technology, which was developed in partnership with Corephotonics, and OPPO’s signed agreement with Corephotonics in 2018 to further its camera plans.