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Samsung Brings Etsy Art To Frame TV

Samsung has teamed up with global creative marketplace Etsy to bring 25 new nature-inspired artworks to its Frame TVs.

Etsy artists Jorey Hurley, Elly Mackay, Melanie Mikecz, David Scheirer, and Mirlande Jean-Gilles contributed 25 artworks, which can be displayed in 4K on the Frame’s screen when the TV is turned off.

The new artworks add to a diverse catalogue Samsung has curated from around the world since launching the Frame in 2017, according to Salek Brodsky, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development for Samsung Electronics.

“This new collection developed in partnership with Etsy is something new for us and extremely special.

“The Frame’s extensive Art Store catalogue has always been about democratising art and giving consumers the ability to discover pieces that move and inspire them. We are excited to give five of Etsy’s artists a global audience,” said Brodsky.

More than 1400 unique works of art are available in the Art Store catalogue.

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