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Samsung Adding Another Colour To The Galaxy S7 Range

Samsung is planning to launch a glossy black version of the Galaxy S7 in an effort to push more sales of the smartphone.

According to reports from The Korea Herald’s blog The Investor, the company will launch the new colour early next month in time for the holidays. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been pushed heavily by Samsung to fill the gap in their product line left by the Note 7, with new colour variations being used to refresh a smartphone that has been on the market for nine months.

A ‘Coral Blue’ version of the Galaxy S7 was released in Taiwan and Singapore earlier this month, and is now available from carriers in the United States. No plans have been revealed for an Australian release. The Investor reported that sales of the Coral Blue Galaxy S7 have totaled almost 15,000 a day, about 5,000 a day more than iPhone 7 sales.

While the Galaxy S7 is already available in a matte ‘Onyx Black’ colour, the new glossy black colour could prove popular if sales of the iPhone 7 are any indication. Apple’s ‘Jet Black’ model was one of the most popular variants of the latest iPhone despite the company also releasing a ‘Matte Black’ variant, with the glossy iPhone 7 model quickly selling out in stores and online.

The reports did not indicate which markets the new glossy black Galaxy S7 will be available in.


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