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Leaks Indicate LG To Drop Ticker Display For V30

LG’s feature-packed V20 handset has only just launched down under but infamous tech leaker Evan Blass has already spilled some details about LG’s next iteration of the device.

According to Blass (@evleaks on Twitter), the first thing on the chopping block is the V20’s secondary ‘ticker’ display.

The V20’s ticker display was a legacy feature, introduced with the V10, that saw the device include a second screen that allowed for at-a-glance viewing of notifications and alerts.

He claims to have seen early renders of the devices, inviting potential buyers of the V20 to bid “adieu” to the secondary display over Twitter.

Evan’s track record for leaks is notably accurate and he’s made a living off that fact, so it’s worth taking him for his word – at least for now.

LG’s V10 and V20 have mostly been noteworthy handsets because of how many unique features have been packed into them.

Hopefully the absence of the ticker screen isn’t a sign that LG is pivoting towards a more streamlined approach for the range but, rather, because they need the real estate the ticker occupies for another, more innovative feature.

Time will tell.

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