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The Russians Go After Apple

The Russians Go After Apple

Russia Railway (RZhD) are accusing Apple of using their logo on a third party app called “Railway Tariff” without permission.

The railway company, who has filed a claim with Moscow court are looking for two million rubles, or just US$65000 compensation, reports RT.

The app, sold through Apple online, allows users track cargo delivery costs and delivery times across Russia.

“RZD intends to protect its intellectual property, especially since the trademark is well known in the Russian Federation,” Russian Railway said in a statement.

A swiss railway company went after Apple last year, after it alleged the giant nicked its distinctive clock design for use on its iOS software.

The case was settled with Apple paying out a sizable sum, believed to be $21 million, to appease the situation and continue to use the design.

Lets hope the Russians are equally as forgiving.