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REVIEW: The Suunto 7 Is This Ferrari Of The Smart Watch World?

Why do people with money buy a Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini or even a big Bentley motor car, it’s because they want to stand out from the pack while also having the money to afford a seriously top end product that they view is perfectly engineered.

So, what is the connection with this class of vehicle and the all new Suunto 7 Watch?

The answer is quality.

The new Finish made watch that is now on sale at JB Hi Fi for $799 some $200 more expensive, than an Apple watch.

So is this price justified?


I have done several smart watch reviews during the past four years and I have never been asked “What watch is that it looks smart”.

I have with the new Suunto 7.

“Is it heavy” “I have never heard of the brand” were just some of the other comments.

So, who is Suunto?

When I first heard about this brand, I was under the impression that it was a cheap Asian brand, this was far from the truth.

When I finally got the Suunto 7 in my hand I suddenly realised that this device was something special.

The70 gram product is designed in Finland, the home of brands such as Nokia and when you take the device out of the box you realise that it is a big step up from a Samsung or Apple watch or a mid-range device from Garmin.

The device is housed in a solidly built glass fibre reinforced polyamide body that is designed for tough outdoor conditions it also has a Gorilla Glass face.

The bezel is aluminium and stylish with its gold bronze surround giving this device an edge when it comes to looks while being stylish it comes across as being a tough device that is near-indestructible.

This device also has style and class and not only looks great when worn it is also extremely light.

What I did like was the 4 control buttons are easy to access and highly functional though I did have to read and then re-read the online manual to come to grips as to which buttons to press to activate the software features.

These buttons also deliver a unique tactile click that can be used in tandem with the touch screen functions.

The left button opens apps from the home screen. It’s also the back button.

The three buttons on the right of the screen act as the main navigation controls when flicking through apps.

Under the sleek stylish device is a smart watch that delivers 70+ sport modes, from running and cycling to skiing and surfing.

The clarity of the screen is among the best I have come across on a smart watch and the fact that it is capable of delivering mapping with clarity right down to detailing on the map how far you have walked or skied is a big plus and a feature that really set this device away from the smart watch rat pack of devices.
This is achieved because the device has an AMOLED touchscreen that delivers 454 x 454 resolution and 1000 nits’ brightness.

There is several watch band options.

Offline outdoor maps with built-in Suunto Heatmaps across 15 activities allow users to always find their way and know the best training routes, even when their phone is left behind or there isn’t network connectivity available.

Apart from accurate exercise tracking the device can be hooked up to Google Wear with the Suunto app delivering additional data.

Battery life is not as good as the Samsung Active Smart Watch however if you charge it every day it’s great. All I do is plug it in when I charge my smartphone for the night.

I ocean swim most mornings and the 50 ATM water resistance works perfectly.

The device also delivers a breakdown of your workouts. Metrics include basic things, like heart rate zones, distance travelled and recovery time.

My biggest issue was actually working out how to set the device up for the activities I wanted it to track. After two resets I finally got it and I am glad I did because I don’t want to give this device back.


On several fronts this device is in a class of its own. The design is very European and stylish just like top end European cars that are much admired, the watch face is clear though I would have liked more options in face designs.

The design is also well thought out and highly functional, rugged without being clunky.

The buttons on the side work especially well even if you have big hands and the combination of touch and the buttons make managing actions on this device easy.
What I really like is the crystal-clear display and the workflow of the Suunto apps for sporting activities. They are highly functional with maps showing you real time where you have walked or run to and from.

The information is delivered in a format that that is much clearer than on the Apple Watch, I also like the fact that one gets a good combination of Google apps and Suunto develop apps that coexist together.

So, is this the Ferrari of the smart watch world?

I very much think so, it’s a standout timepiece wrapped around some great apps that have been well designed.

It’s definitely not a mass-produced smart watch with some apps through in for good measure.

Like a Ferrari it’s been built from the ground up to deliver performance.

RANKING: 10/10

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