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BREAKING NEWS: Hi Fi 2020 Show Axed After Prime Minister Steps In

The Hi Fi 2020 Show has been axed after Prime Minister Scott Morrison took measures to ban gatherings of over 500 people.

At a press briefing this afternoon he said the government was “exercising an abundance of caution” in making a decision to ban events.

Exhibitors to Hi Fi 2020 were told of the cancellation this afternoon.


Event Organiser Jim Preece

Earlier  Hi Fi 2020 event organiser Jim Preece claimed  that he planned to go ahead despite an outcry from exhibitors who can’t get their money back.

Another problem is that the bulk of attendees would have to travel by public transport because of excessive parking costs around the Hi Fi 2020 event.

Prior to the Prime Minister stepping in to ban gatherings over 500 the event organisers were faced with postponing the event due to several exhibitors cancelling their involvement with the show.

Event organisers have admitted to exhibitors that they no insurance with one exhibitor telling ChannelNews that they are considering taking legal action to get their money back.

The cancelation by exhibitors gave the organisers no option but to postpone said one irate exhibitor.

“They have refused our request to refund despite multiple requests, maybe a class action against the organisers could see us get some money back” said one exhibitor.

“The event organisers claims to have spent money on marketing, but no one has seen any marketing for the event other than in Sound & Image” they added.

Earlier today Chief State medical officers told the federal government and state and territory heads to ban gatherings of more than 500 people to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the organisers of the Hi Fi 2000 show have been telling exhibitors that they are expecting over 2,000 people.

The recommendation to ban events such as the Sydney Hi Fi 2000 show that is scheduled to be held at the Novatel Hotel next to China town in Sydney on April 3rd, 2020 was delivered at today’s COAG meeting in Sydney.

State chief health officers phoned in to discuss the dangers of mass gatherings with the Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy.

It is unclear what impact the ban will have on sporting events, schools, workplaces and events such as the Hi Fi 2000 event.

The Prime Minister noted he considered parliament “essential” and would not be subject to the mass gathering advice.

He also said going to work, school and other facilities were essentials.

“It doesn’t eliminate all risk it is not an absolute measure,” Mr Morrison said.

“We are not of any great concern right now … but in the weeks ahead this will change.

“This is a matter of scaling our response.”

Earlier today the Melbourne Formula 1 Event was cancelled.

Formula 1 sponsors are tipped to get their money back.

We have made several calls to Jim Preece but to date he has failed to return our calls.

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