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REVIEW: Pure Siesta Rise, A Modern Update To A Classic Clock Radio

Most people aren’t thinking too hard about upgrading their alarm clock. In yesteryear, you always had one on your bedside table, tuned to the right station and at a reasonable volume. If you do want a great experience, and money isn’t much of an issue the Pure Siesta Rise should be on your radar.


The Pure Siesta Rise is a nice compact size, but packs quite a few features into its design. Out of the box, you notice the wall charger is micro USB – great that they are sticking with an industry standard. The white colour is your basic modern clock radio look with an easy to read font. The volume buttons also double as the station advance. In my opinion, it would have been better if they were separate.


Turning the Siesta Rise on, you are greeted with it finding available DAB radio stations and the time. You can select another station two ways, manually pressing the Snooze/ Station Select button then advancing alphabetically left or right using the volume buttons. A bit of a pain, but the alternative is to easily save the presets. The volume range is good – the dial goes from 0 to 32, and the speaker quality is by far the standout feature. For such a small device it has good range and deep sound.

Setting the alarm is easy, just hold down one of the three alarm buttons, then choose the time, whether to hear the radio or a tone, the station, the volume and the frequency. When the radio alarm goes off, the volume gradually increases, if you hit snooze, then for 10 minutes you can rest (and there is a little icon on the right of the display and SNOOZED at the bottom confirming this). The tone alarm also gradually increases and isn’t so blaring. You can see a lot of effort has been put into the functionality, and thus would make a great bedside edition, especially if you need multiple alarms.

The wall charger is 5.5V and 2000mA, so even though it has a USB-A port to charge your phone, it will be charging far slower than most standalone wall chargers. Not terrible, especially if you only have one outlet and prefer to charge your phone at night when it is switched off.


The Pure Siesta Rise is $200, a steep price for a clock radio. It is well designed with surprisingly good sound, but is just sitting at the wrong price point.


Overall, a very nice digital clock radio. It’s modern look will sit nicely in most bedrooms, and the sound quality is very impressive for the small footprint. The price is just hard to justify, especially as most people now have many alternatives to the clock radio.

Design 9/10

Performance 9/10

Value 6/10

The Pure Siesta Rise is available to purchase in Australia from retailers such as Myer for A$199.00

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