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REVIEW: New Sharp Microwave Delivers Excellent Convection, Grilling And Microwave Cooking

When it comes to Microwaves which is one of the most important and often one of the most used appliances in the home Japanese brand Sharp is up there with the best.

This is a Company who were one of the first to deliver microwave technology for Australian homes and their all new R890EBS 11000w Midsize Smart Convection Microwave Oven delivers several capabilities whether fan be forced convection cooking, grilling or microwaving in a stainless-steel oven.

The unlock key to this device is an all new processor that delivers intelligent instructions to the screen, this processor also allows the ‘Smart Inverter’ to identify uneven cooking and hotspots.

I tested this device by cooking both a roast and then grilling sausages. The process was quick and above all convenient then popped in a cake mix and just like our mainstream oven this microwave delivered.

This device is also good when cooking fish.

In fact, I am questioning whether this appliance should be called a microwave as this name is often associated with the quick heating up of food.

With a recommended retail price of $ 429.00 this device is selling at The Good Guys.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to bake a cake or roast a chicken this device is designed to make the task easy with pre-set temperature settings based on weight.

For example, if you are cooking a chicken enter the weight on the label and the Sharp microwave will tell you how long it will take you to cook.

Also handy is the preheat function which is great to warm your oven before cooking your dishes.

The fan-forced convection heat is circulated around the oven cavity which makes for better cooking especially when it comes finishing off a bake and you want a crispy brown skin.

In this device there is a heating element around the fan at the back of the cavity, as well as a heating element at the top of the cavity.

This heating element works to heat up the air before being blown and circulated by the fan allowing hot air to be evenly distributed inside. This process is also known as “Fan-Forced.”

According to Sharp by using a pre-programmed heat in their convection microwaves means that you are guaranteed accurate temperatures and even heating around the unit, ensuring perfect results every time.

All of Sharps Australian microwaves are locally tested to suit Australian tastes.

Some convection models even feature specific Australian themed Auto Menus such as the “meat pie” reheat option.


This is a solid family workhorse that can be easily operated and above all it delivers excellent cooking output.

The fact you can easily switch from grilling to convection to microwave cooking makes it an ideal addition for any home.

Rating: 5/5

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