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REVIEW: New Logitech Mouse A Multitasking Wizard

The Logitech MX Master 3 (A$169.95) is its most advanced Master Series mouse yet, specifically catering to the needs of creatives and coders. Regardless of profession, it’s likely this intelligent mouse will leave you marvelling at its multitasking powers.

Best catering to right-hand users, the MX Master 3 offers a notable seven buttons, inclusive of a squeeze trigger button for multitasking. Both vertical and horizontal scrolling is facilitated via two very slick metal wheels, which are extremely mobile, accurate and pleasantly quiet.

Logitech takes comfort very seriously and whilst it’s not the most ergonomically designed mouse, it is pleasure to use for long periods courtesy of a convenient thumb rest.

The MX Master 3 is capable of connecting with up to three devices in a single workflow, and like the MX Keys keyboard jumps between devices with the click of an ‘Easy Switch’ button. Personally, the button’s bottom location could have been positioned in a more comfortable location.

The mouse is connected via the Logitech USB receiver or Bluetooth, and incorporates a rechargeable battery (USB-C) with up to 70 days of life. Bonus points for an included USB-A to USB-C supplied cable.

The stylish MagSpeed scroll wheel does take some adjustment, but when nailed offers a level of confident freedom. Scrolling quickly through lengthy documents is made possible via free-spinning mode, however, at times you may accidentally trigger this when getting used to the mechanics. If this is an annoyance, users can turn off the function via the Logitech Options software. It claims to scroll an impressive 1,000 lines in 1 second.

The true power of the MX Master 3 is not its accurate positioning, movablity and control – these are all basic functionalities it caters as default – but rather when connected to Logitech Options software and used with ‘Logitech Flow’ for seamless movability between multiple devices and screens.

The multi-tasking nature of the mouse means it is able to easily move between devices – both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS – with functions such as file transfer, and copy/paste.

It’s impressive watching first-time users marvel at the way the mouse can move files from PC to PC with a drag and drop.

 Tech savvy users will appreciate app customisations for platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

It harnesses the mouse’s gesture button to better manage apps, zoom in/out, plus a plethora of other customised functions. Users can assign up to five actions to the gesture button, which differs for different apps (e.g. the same gesture could do one thing in Powerpoint and another in Chrome).

I would encourage Mac users to peruse the software and double check settings aren’t impairing some of the mouse’s functionalities (e.g. forward/back buttons).

It’s these extra tid-bits which cater to the MX Master 3’s advanced audience, justifying its price-tag.

The mouse can be customised to perform a myriad of shortcuts via the Logitech Options software including; changing volume, changing browser tabs, zooming on Microsoft Word, changing brush size on Adobe Photoshop plus more. It’s an excellent level of customisation.

Regardless of whether you’re a coder or creative professional, it’s convenient to have your work laptop and personal laptop supported by the same mouse.

Overall, the Logitech MX Master 3 is anything but a standard mouse, and offers a world of multitasking for those who are willing to explore the plethora of customisable shortcuts. Its brilliance caters to multiple devices, platforms and apps with a wizardry that always impresses first-time users. Its value proposition will be best appreciated by those willing to explore the innovation ‘at hand.’

RATING: 8.8/10

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