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Review: Don’t Be Fooled By The Size Of Zendure’s SuperMini Battery – It’s Tiny But Powerful

We may longer be travelling far and wide for the time being – but power stations still have a huge place in our everyday life.

One full charge of smartphone battery just isn’t enough anymore, and we crave an extra boost of juice when out and about from sunrise to sundown.

Zendure’s compact, credit card-sized power station the Zendure SuperMini is an incredible tool for on-the-go office workers, hikers, travellers, outdoorsmen and everything in between. Designed to resemble a little suitcase, the powerful tiny charging station is both stylish, handy and tremendously powerful.

It’s so small and light at a tiny 180g, it’s not an inconvenience at all to carry this little device around all day. The battery is also 30% smaller than any traditional power bank, so it can fit in the palm of your hand, in your pocket without it weighing you down or can be slipped into the side pocket of a bag with ease.

I took the little guy on a three-hour hike and used it to recharge my phone at a pitstop after draining battery by taking a million photos. The SuperMini is so small and light it could be tucked neatly into my bag without being a heavy bother and gave me a great peace of mind that I had a back-up option for power in case I got lost in the woods.

At 3.1-inch by 2.2-inch dimensions, the 10,000mAh battery pack has two outputs, a USB-C and the other a USB-A.

The Type-C port is capable of 18W and supports Power Delivery whereas the USB-A port is also capable of 18W if using QuickCharge. The SuperMini’s cable also comes with three options – a USB-A with removable USB-C on one side and another C on the other.

The two ports are conveniently positioned on either end, perfect for charging both your device and the SuperMini at the same time.

I tested the SuperMini with an LG Velvet smartphone and found the charging speeds to be impressive, bringing my battery from 68% to 100% in less than 20 minutes.

Other devices, such as my FitBit Versa 3, saw similarly speedy charging rates. A great feature for devices like this on the SuperMini was the X-Charge mode, which can be activated by double-pressing the main power button.

This uses a special low-power draw mode for devices that don’t need as much power compared to a smartphone or a tablet, such as a FitBit or pair of headphones.

When charging my Fitbit Versa 3 on the SuperMini using X-Charge mode, the battery was at 62% at 12.50pm and 70% by 12.55pm. That quick charging rate makes the SuperMini perfect for when you need a quick boost of battery within minutes.

When it comes to the battery power of the device itself, I had the power back sitting on my desk for two weeks intermittently using it without needing to recharge it much.

Zendure says, at full capacity, the SuperMini can charge an iPhone by up to 50% in 30 minutes and takes three hours to charge back to full battery itself. It also says the device can ‘power your phone for 1-2 days’.

The SuperMini certainly delivers on these promises and then some.

Most people don’t let their smartphone plummet towards 0% battery and would likely use the device for a boost every now and then. But the Zendure SuperMini can provide fast, 100% charging when your phone is flat and when it’s only down to 30% and your battery anxiety has started to kick in.

At an affordable $69.99, Zendure’s SuperMini is fantastic value for money when it comes to battery life. It will keep you going for days without a wall charger.

The only downside is the device only has one USB-A port when a lot of other power banks on the market do have dual ports. If you want something like this to charge two phones at once, try the Zendure SuperPort 4.

The Zendure SuperMini comes in three colours: iconic silver, the classic black and blue horizon.

Verdict: 9/10

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