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Retailers Harness AI Security Cams To Prevent Theft

Local retailers could soon harness artificially intelligent security cameras to detect shoplifters before theft occurs – costing outlets over $124.4 million in shop theft according to the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Reported by Bloomberga Japanese start-up, Vaak, has developed artificial intelligence software to prevent retail crime before it occurs, and has reportedly been inquired upon by some of the country’s biggest chains.

The software scans for suspicious behaviour (e.g. fidgeting, restlessness), with algorithms alerting staff about potential thieves via a smartphone app.

By focusing on prevention, the innovation seeks to reduce the cost international shop theft.

Vaak’s software has already been deployed in test stores across Japan, with the goal to prevent crime using artificial intelligence.

According to Gartner, global retailers are forecast to invest US$200 billion in new technology this year, with the intention of improving financial results and better servicing customers.

Bloomberg claims several big-name Japanese retail chains have already deployed artificial intelligence security solutions, with Vaak software among the most inquired.

Founded in 2017, Vaak began selling a market-ready version of its shoplifting detection software this month, and reportedly seeks to be in 100,000 Japanese stores within three years.

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