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Retailer JB Hi Fi Set To Benefit From New Jam Range

Retailer JB Hi Fi who has had a lot of success selling Jam audio products in the past is set to benefit from a total makeover of the popular value audio brand with several redesigned products set to hit stores in Australia shortly.

In the Melbourne showroom of Homedics who also distribute the Jam and Marley audio range of products I was earlier this month shown the new Jam packaging and products.

Known for its successful line of Amazon Alexa enabled Bluetooth audio product the new products are aimed at millennials and “Gen Z consumers claims Michael Tapp the General Manager at Homedics.

The major-rebrand-and-redesigned-product-collection is tipped to prove highly popular running into the second half of the year.

JAM Audio has done away with its legacy line of products but is retaining their existing high-quality speakers and headphones. They have created a new look and feel that the Company claims is intended to embody the “youth culture of today.” claims Tapp.

“We are releasing a truly new Jam Audio, from packaging all the way to the logo. With millennial and Gen-Z consumers in mind, we are excited to fill the gap in the market for quality audio products
that are fun and affordable Jam Audio Director of Product Development John Mikkola said.

“Whether it’s the new hang on the wall waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a built-in sticky pad to stick to your shower wall, or the Live True truly wireless headphones with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, there is a product for every personal style” he said.

The redesign is most visible in the look and feel of the JAM Audio products.

They have also redesigned several products from the ground up. An example is that the newest jam speakers, boast 3,000-centimetre Bluetooth range, or nearly three times the standard range. Each comes with an integrated charging cable, speakerphone capability, aux-in ports, and an IP67 rating for total protection in the elements.

Among the new Jam Audio products available for retailers are:

CHILL OUT: A compact portable speaker that sits in the palm of your hand, with a big
Bluetooth range to accompany you anywhere you go. It’s tipped to sell for $49.95

DOUBLE CHILL: This fabric lined Bluetooth speaker is studio-sound capable with dual
speaker pairing.

ZERO CHILL: The largest of the Chill Series speakers, the Zero Chill offers 22 hours of
playtime packed into a sleek, elongated look.

HANG UP: A waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a sticky pad to stick on any wall,
shower tile or anywhere else you need your music to go with you. You can rinse it off and re-use it
over and over again.

HANG TIGHT: Fabric loop, submersible in water and an integrated charging cable mean
you never have to worry about power cords again with this Bluetooth speaker.

HANG AROUND: With dual drivers and dual passive bass radiators, this speaker has
excellent stereo sound quality that packs a powerful punch.

LIVE LOOSE: Lightweight design makes hands-free calling a breeze and their sweatproof
construction takes them from the gym to the street.

LIVE LARGE: Wireless earphones with comfortable design and 50ft Bluetooth range.
With the microphone and controls on the earpiece, it keeps the cord feeling light around
your neck.

LIFE FAST: Designed for active use, the cord management system and ear hooks on these
wireless headphones provide a comfortable t with 12 hours playtime.

LIVE TRUE: Modelled after the popular JAM Ultra earbuds, the Live True offers truly
wireless listening with a carrying case that doubles as a charger; use it as a backup battery
for your phone or other devices.

TUNE IN: Ergonomically designed, the Tune In are JAM Audio’s neckband style
headphones for the modern listener.

BEEN THERE: Lightweight, on-ear headphones for all day listening and 14 hours of

OUT THERE: The ultimate package in wireless on-ear headphones: Active noise cancelling,
18 hours playtime, 1,500-centimetre Bluetooth range, aux-cord capable, and pivoting earcups all with
a fold up design.

Only part of the range will be available at JB Hi Fi.

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