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Refrigerators Get Makeover As Demand Soars During COVID Lockdowns

COVID lockdowns has been a boom time for appliances manufacturers as consumers upgrade their refrigerators often to a larger size due to many cooking from home.

At the same time several brands have moved to deliver new features.

Manufacturers are taking cold storage to another level by guaranteeing crisper, fresher foods, and smart technology to help manage both the inventory and the appliance.


At Harvey Norman the $4,799 top end Hitachi 670L Multi Drawer Glass Finish French Door Fridge is walking out because it is packed with cutting edge technology that preserves food longer.

Developed by Japanese food experts the Hitachi fridge range is a direct result of research and development engineers and scientists working with universities in Japan, to significantly improve what happens inside a fridge when food is initially frozen and on the preservation of food.

They found that ethylene gas released by vegetables can spoil their freshness. The new Hitachi platinum catalyst technology has the ability to decompose the ethylene gas and convert it into carbon dioxide gas, delaying spoilage by making vegetables dormant to preserve freshness.

Then there is Hitachi’s uniquely designed vacuum compartment built into the front of their R-WX620KA Made In Japan model refrigerator that uses a vacuum pump to extract air and reduce oxygen to suppress oxidation, thus ensuring freshness of food while retaining its nutrients.

The airtight structure of the compartment that is in the middle of the fridge confines moisture inside, helping to prevent food dehydration. Seasoning is absorbed at a faster rate to assist in speedier food preparation.

Beko EverFresh+ Technology

Food waste is a global issue — roughly one-third of all global produce is tossed annually — so Beko is taking a stand to put more on plates and not into landfill.

By launching its Fresh Produce Promise recently Beko is guaranteeing that fruits and vegetables will remain unspoiled for 30 days with Beko’s EverFresh+ technology, or they will refund your refrigerator purchase.

The EverFresh+ crisper uses breathable smart materials — among other technologies — to maximize humidity and minimize moisture loss. Meanwhile, Active Fresh Blue Light technology recreates photosynthesis conditions to preserve vitamin C and fruit and

vegetable taste. The refrigerators also include ProSmart inverter compressors that enable the fridge to be four times quieter and more energy efficient.

Samsung’s Family Hub Smart Fridge

Samsung’s new flagship smart refrigerator is much more than efficient cold storage; it’s a control centre. This sixth-generation version now works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, although Samsung’s original voice assistant, Bixby, is still available as an option for users. Along with the refrigerator’s original meal-planning features, the Family Hub now has an expanded set of capabilities such as guided cooking and the ability to send instructions to certain synced cooking appliances. All of these features are accessible from the Family Hub screen.

Additional elements characteristic of the smart screen include a shopping list, a meal planner, the ability to tap or swipe to see inside the fridge without opening the door, access to recipes and videos, notes, calendars, whiteboards and memos for family management, and compatibility with several music and entertainment apps. Integration with several leading smart home companies is also possible. Any Samsung Family hub with Generation 2 software or higher can be upgraded to this Generation 6 software.

LG InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator

The refrigerator is a big energy user, so keeping the door closed as much as possible saves on money and preserves food for longer. LG makes that possible with its InstaView capabilities, whereby a user needs to only knock on the door twice to see inside. Its Door-in-Door feature allows the user to push a button on the handle of the fridge to open the front panels of the right door; this enables homeowners to grab items out of the in-door shelves without opening the refrigerator fully.

The refrigerator also has connected capabilities with its LG ThinQ app, which sends maintenance tips and alerts so that the appliance continues running smoothly. Additional features include a Craft Icemaker, which creates slow-melting, large, round ice for upscale beverages, as well as a Full-Convert Drawer with five different temperature settings.


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