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New Amazon Max TV Fire Stick With Wi Fi 6

Amazon is set to release a new TV Fire Stick Max that is 40% faster than previous models.

The device also has more RAM and a quicker processor as well as Wi-Fi 6 technology built in.

This means it is capable of streaming content at much faster speeds and should end the annoyance of buffering when trying to watch a 4K Ultra HD resolution movie.

The new stick will be a major benefit for people on a slow connection.

Streaming a show in standard definition only needs an internet connection of around 3Mbps but this jumps to at least 25Mbps when you switch to 4K with some providers recommending at least 50Mbps for a stutter-free experience.

Another big plus is the addition of Wi-Fi 6 which is the next-generation of broadband technology and with more homes upgrading to W6 routers it makes sure the Fire TV Stick is now future-proofed.

Along with those new upgrades, the Max gets full compatibility with HDR, and HDR10+ streaming, as well as Dolby Atmos audio.

Once plugged into your telly you’ll get access to the usual platforms including Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV as well as several other streaming services.

And you can also listen to songs, playlists, live radio stations, and podcasts through services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Like previous models, it ships with an Alexa Voice Remote which features dedicated buttons for easy access to your favourite TV platforms such as Disney+, Prime Video and Netflix.

You can also control power and volume on your compatible TV and soundbar without needing another remote.

Finally, Amazon says that it has included a Low Power Mode to intelligently conserve energy when it goes to sleep and deliver energy savings over the lifetime of the device.