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Big PC Monitors A Hit For Movies And TV

Big PC Monitors A Hit For Movies And TV

Big LCD PC monitors are replacing the traditional PC monitor with many consumers also using the new generation of screens to watch movies and TV programs say IDC.

Strong uptake of 22-inch widescreen PC monitors will see these giant screens become the most popular size in Australia by 2010, research firm IDC has forecast. The 22-inchers will also be No. 1 in Korea and New Zealand. But elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, computer users are thinking smaller.

In India, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam 17in. W is expected to be the mainstream size until 2012, while 19in.W will be the mainstream in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the PRC, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, IDC reckons.

IDC makes these observations in its latest Asia/Pacific Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker report, just released.

It estimates the some 28.1 million PC monitors shipped in the Asia/Pacific region, excluding Japan, in the first half of 2008: an increase of 7.2 percent over H1 2007, but 1.1 percent down on H2 2007.

Analyst Yoong Siat-Siah says IDC believes the total PC monitor market will remain muted in 2H 2008, with a mild 4.4 percent growth over first half of 2008, and a 3.2 percent growth year-on-year.

The top six PC monitor vendors ­ Samsung, Lenovo, AOC, Hewlett-Packard, LG Electronics, and Acer ­ were responsible for 60 percent of the market.