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Questionable Huawei Mate 40 Launched Devoid Of Software Capability

It’s devoid of Google’s main apps and does not have a Qualcomm processor but the lack of these key elements has not stopped Huawei rolling out a cobbled together Mate 40 smartphone.

What it does have is a Chinese designed and manufactured processor that no other smartphone maker in the world is using called the Kirin 9000 that is until supply of this processor runs out after Huawei was forced to stock pile chips to get its signature device out in time to compete with Apple’s new Phone 12.

JB Hi Fi is set to sell the device which will struggle to deliver Android and Google apps in Australia.

In a case of what appears to be ‘bugger the software’ Huawei is claiming a more “sophisticated” processor than Apple’s new iPhone that was developed using the same “five nanometre” process as Apple.

Once their stockpile of Kirin 9000 processors runs out, it faces being unable to make more of the Mate 40 handsets in their current form following a decision by the US federal Government to ban Huawei from getting access to components and US developed software. Bans on Huawei have been supported by Sweden, Australia, The UK, and the USA due to security and spying concerns using their devices and 5G technology.

At present, only Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung have the expertise and equipment to manufacture 5nm chips, and both are forbidden to supply Huawei with them or any other semiconductor product whose creation involves “US technology and software”.

Huawei’s head of consumer devices chief Richard Yu acknowledged the ban was “making the situation extremely difficult for us”.

Huawei faces other restrictions which have prevented any of the devices it has launched since mid-2019 from providing access to Google’s services, including its Play Store, Maps and G Mail applications.

The device is expected to sell well in China due in part because it is supported by the Chinese Communist Government.

Huawei said the Kirin 9000 chip includes an integrated 5G modem, which enables it to extend battery life beyond its rivals.

They are also the Mate 40 Pro would last about 25% longer on a single charge than Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra+, despite the latter having a bigger battery.

The firm also boasted that the chip allows its devices to offer a “pro-gaming” experience, thanks to its ability to offer graphics with better detail and lighting effects.

The only problem is that games such as Call of Duty Mobile will not work on the devices because of their lack of access to some of Google’s technologies, while some others function but are unable to make in-app payments.

Most Android apps can be installed via the Petal search tool even if they do not appear in Huawei’s own app store.

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