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Leaks & Africa Top Priority At GFK

The research Company  said that during the first quarter of 2009 demand for consumer electronic goods slowed. Demand for flat panel TVs, grew by 6.6% while overall TV sales accounted for 60% of all CE sales. Driving the market was aggresive pricing say GFK.

Other categories that gre were home theatre systems by 19%, set-top boxes by 36% per cent. ortable Music players grew by 13.7% per cent while DVD players, recorders, camcorders and car navigation all declined.

Dr. Gérard Hermet, COO of GFK said that despite the GfK Group not being able to escape the impact of the financial and economic crises, the GfK Retail and Technology sector has continued its successful course in 2008 and into the first quarter of 2009.

In the ten years since its market floatation, GfK has grown into a global business. Dr Hermet claims that he is particularly excited by the role the Retail and Technology plays in the group’s success. Dr. Hermet puts the continuing success down to its market leading position as the “best source of information to measure trends and market share”. He describes the Retail and Technology sector of the GfK Group as an “adventure” in which continued global expansion will be our ongoing aim.

GfK RT already has a strong presence in key global markets across the globe. Continued growth in the emerging Latin American markets of Peru, Colombia and Venezuela is already planned, but Dr. Hermet is particularly focussed on the growth in Africa which he strongly believes to be “the new moving market for the research group that is also planning tro move into new markets in Australia according to local MD Gary Lamb.

“We get more inquiries about the leaks of GFK information to ChannelNews than any other media organisation. This information in particular data about market share by brands is crucial to our operation” said Lamb.

“If we discover who internally is leaking this information they will be sacked” said Lamb.