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Microsoft’s Kinect VS Apple’s Siri In TV Market

Microsoft will take the external Kinect camera and incorporate into TVs

According to a The Daily source, the company is hoping Kinect integration will revolutionise how people use their TVs, dropping the old remote for interactive motions and gestures. Kinect TV technology would allow users to turn them on/off and change channels by defined hand gestures. It could even recognise viewers and turn to their nominated favourite channels, and stop televising when there’s no one in the room.

Unlike the Kinect’s current configuration, it wouldn’t need Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console to manage it. What would be needed is a connection to a PC with the Kinect hardware configured to work with Microsoft’s Windows. So far, it’s not sure if a hard-line connection is required, or if a wireless network would suffice.

Like Apple and Google, Microsoft is streamlining the interface of its products to make it easier for people to use its smartphones, PCs, Xbox console and now it seems televisions.

The news comes after SmartHouse revealed Apple is teaming up with Sharp to produce a 55″ OLED TV that could integrate Siri voice software into its operations. Kinect integration, if true, could hedge Apple’s influence over the TV industry, preventing the same dominance it now exercises in the smartphone market.

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At present, Microsoft is believed to be in the early stages of licensing with TV makers Sony and Vizio.

Microsoft’s Kinect is in the Guinness book of World’s records for being the fastest selling consumer electronics device, moving from shelves even quicker than Apple’s iPhone. It’s currently being incorporated in the business world for video conferencing, aiding doctor’s surgery preparation and being introduced into classrooms.