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REVEALED: The Google TV Coming to OZ

Now, we have some images of TCL’s Google TV from CES 2013, where it has been revealed for the first time.

As you can see, the user interface pro offers several entertainment options including: Google TV, streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Voice Search and Google Chrome apps, as well as real time weather info.

TCL’s Google TV can be purchased as a box or inbuilt into the super-thin TV, as shown, which contains a Marvell processor for “PC-like” web browsing on your telly.

TCL, China’s biggest TV maker, is also working on dedicated Aussie content and streaming services for its Google TV offering, and is in talks with SBS On Demand and Quickflix, according to reports.

But the new local content is not just for MoVo but for TCL’s entire Smart TV range, and “there will be more coming shortly, “a  spokesperson told SmartHouse.

This is good news, as to date, there is only one Google TV box available in Australia (from Sony) and content is very thin on the ground.

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MoVo boasts Google TV’s Voice Search and ‘PrimeTime’ app that will search for over 100,000 movies and TV shows across oodles of Internet video services including Google Play, and now, hopefully, local TV channels and Quickflix.

The Internet connected TV will be sold in OZ “in the back half of 2013,”a local TCL spokesperson told us yesterday.

However, no word on pricing yet, but since TCL generally sell gear at budget friendly prices, we can guess this Google TV will definitely be within our reach.