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Q Acoustics Rocks Sub $10K Speaker Market With Ridiculously Cheap Pricing

Melbourne based audio distributor Indi Imports, is set to rock the Hi Fi market, with the release of the Q Acoustics Concept 500 speakers that have not only been described as the best speakers under $10,000 today, but is set to go on sale in Australia at up to $1,262 cheaper than in the UK.

The speakers that are made by British Sound Company Q Acoustics will have a recommended retail price in Australia of $5,499. British AV retailer SevenOaks has the same speakers retailing for, three thousand nine hundred and 50 pounds or A$6,761 when converted.

The speakers which have been praised by several leading reviewers are set to take on the likes of the Dali Rubicon 8 which retails for $9,495 in Australia.

Paul Riachi the CEO of RIO Sound and Vision said that the speakers which are already listed on his web site are “sensational”.

“The price that we have been able to deliver these speakers for in Australia make these the cheapest Q Acoustic 500 speakers in the world today. We anticipate having stock shortly”.

Indi Imports which is directly linked with Rio Sound & Vision secured the rights to the Q Acoustic brand three months ago.

Also set to stock these speakers is the Sydney based Lifestyle store.

According to Vinod Christie a director at the Lifestyle Store the build quality of these speakers is “excellent”.

“When we saw the speakers at the recent Munich Hi Fi Show we were impressed. The pricing is excellent and we believe that the design, build quality and the price will drive consumers to the Q Acoustics brand especially those looking for a sub $10K pair of speakers”.

Len Wallis at Len Wallis Audio said, “There is a lot of opportunity for these speakers as they are being sold cheaper than the Country of Origin”.

When asked about the overall sale of speakers in the sub $10,000 market, Wallis said that they were currently selling more Bowers & Wilkins speakers that start at $7K than they were sub $1,000 speakers.

“There is demand for quality speakers and I believe that the market for this type of speaker is growing.

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