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Profits Emerge For E-Sports Firm

Emerge Gaming has reported its first half-year profit largely due to the launch late last year of its social gaming platform Miggster.

The platform is a subscription network where users can win prizes by playing addictive but rudimentary games.

The West Australian company reported revenue of $1.36 million in the six months to December.

Emerge says it had 50,000 paying subscribers on Miggster within a month of its launch, of which three quarters were annual subscribers paying a $113 fee.

The company says that by January Miggster had 100,000 subscribers in more than 160 countries. It has also launched e-sports platform Arcade X, which runs sponsored gaming tournaments.

Emerge reported a net profit after tax of $495,091, up from a loss of $802,942 in the six months to December 2019.