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Pre-Used iPhone Minis In Demand Over New iPhones

iPhone demand for older, smaller models has surged in Japan and on the online platform operated by Belong, a subsidiary of Itochu. The reason given is that consumers are seeking smaller phones that the new iPhone 14 and new 15 does not fill.

Japanese consumers are reaching for iPhone 12 or 13 minis, which have 5.4-inch screens that are easier to use with one hand, leading to the sales volume doubling of the models during the week of the iPhone 15’s debut.

Right before the iPhone 15 launch, Apple stopped selling the iPhone 13 mini, making it impossible to buy through Apple.

The iPhone 15 series standard model with a 6.1-inch screen is the closest phone to a mini.

“The iPhone mini series is now only available as used smartphones,” said Masatoshi Ohno, the head of Belong’s consumer division.

The lower prices of second-hand phones also attract customers because a new 128 GB iPhone 15 costs $1,320 in Japan, while a used 64 GB iPhone 12 mini sells for $529.

With rising living costs and inflation at an all-time high, the market for used smartphones has been growing steadily, and it is expected to continue expanding as consumers look for more affordable options.

According to the MM Research Institute, the number of used phones sold in Japan will increase by 9.8% in fiscal 2023 to 2.57 million.

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