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watchOS 10.1 Update Comes To Apple Watches

The new watchOS 10.1 update has arrived alongside the new iPhone iOS 17.1 update, bringing with it some new features.

The update can be downloaded now, and includes Double Tap, which can conduct multiple tasks by tapping the thumb and forefinger together.

It was revealed during Apple’s September launch event alongside the Apple Watch 9 and Watch Ultra 2. The feature is ideal for using when the non-wearing hand can’t be used on the touchscreen.

It can be used to snooze or turn off alarms, view messages from notifications, take photos on the iPhone when the camera remote is enabled, control timers and stopwatches, pause/unpause audio, and pick up/hang up phone calls. It can also open Smart Stack from any watch face.

The Double Tap feature will switch to the new elevation view within the Compass app, start/stop automatic workout reminders, and perform the primary action from all notifications.

Users can customise it in a range of ways, including configuring it to skip the next track rather than pause the music playback.

This feature is only available on new 2023 Apple Watch models, and is enabled by the new S9 SiP processor on the Series 9 and Ultra 2.

watchOS 10.1 also brings forth the NameDrop feature, which allows users to share contact details over AirDrop, as well as some bug fixes.

The update can be downloaded by going to the Apple Watch app on an accompanying iPhone, going to General, then to Software Update,

In a press release, Apple said “This new double tap gesture is enabled by the faster Neural Engine in Apple Watch Series 9, which processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensor with a new machine learning algorithm.”

“The algorithm detects the unique signature of tiny wrist movements and changes in blood flow when the index finger and thumb perform a double tap.”

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