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Power Of The Finger: New Drone Controlled By Thumb

This is Engineering, Inc. (TIE), a global manufacturer of robotics technologies and products, has debuted the world’s most intuitive drone and control system.

The drone, called Shift Red, is controlled with just one thumb and enables people to enjoy the use of droning anywhere – within legal limits, of course.

‘As confirmed through feedback at world industrial exhibitions, our one-handed control technology and innovative new features for a daily life concept will lead to a whole new world in UAV. Our concepts can also be applied to areas including commercial and military,’ David Kim, Head of Marketing for TIE’s Global Business said.

‘That is, our products and technologies will enable anyone to benefit through commercial services, and personal enjoyment in their daily life.’

Based on the company’s unique patented ‘near-field micro sensing,’ the new drone is described as a perfect small drone for the global market – enabling control with a ring that is fitted around the thumb and that makes the drone echo its movements.

The company explains that Shift Red, thanks to a new concept, is ‘the perfect small and light weight in comparison to other drone products.’

TIE foresees Shift Red pioneering a new era and a new standard for the drones, beyond convention style and technology currently available on the market.

Shift Red breaks the tradition of heavy and difficult to use drones – an outdated way to fly for the average user – with its simplicity and lightness.

The drone is also equipped with action video shooting, with tracking technology being more than just about following – instead, it recognises and expresses the user’s dynamic movement in a smarter way and provides optimum output.

Additionally, Shift Red’s gimbal assures shake-free, steady shooting every time it’s in the air. The drones photo video manager enables various features, including transmission of video and photo data to mobile devices and clear, stable real time streaming.

Users are said to have unprecedented experience with its easy-to-use features and high performance.

The Red Shift is available to purchase on TIE’s official website.

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