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Polk Audio has unveiled the Legend Series, its latest flagship suite of speakers at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Suite 5105, promising to deliver patented SDA technology for ‘unrivalled imaging, detail and bass response’.

The Legend Series stereo products are available now from select Polk Audio dealers, though no word yet on Australian Availablity or pricing.

Prices for the Legend Series suite are as follows:

  • L100 bookshelf speakers (5.25”) US$1,199 / pair
  • L200 bookshelf speakers (6.5”) US$1,799 / pair
  • L400 centre channel US$1,799
  • L600 tower speakers US$1,999 / each
  • L800 SDA tower speakers US$2,999 / each
  • L900 Height / Elevation (Atmos) module US$599 / pair

The Legend Series represents 45 years of experience in developing loudspeakers, ‘the most sophisticated, and intensively engineered loudspeakers the company has ever introduced’.

Polk Audio’s patented SDA-Pro technology features a 15-degree baffle that angles both the stereo and dimensional arrays.

What this does is aim audio more precisely towards the listener, while also allowing for narrower speakers for a reduced footprint.

A culmination of decades worth of acoustic engineering and loudspeaker development has resulted in the Legend Series said Michael Greco, senior director of global brand management at Polk Audio.

‘We’re confident these are the speakers that will remind Polkies and enthusiasts why they love Polk Audio.’

Greco sees the Legend Series being placed in either traditional two-channel orientations or within complete home theatre systems, with the new suite of Polk Audio speakers offering ‘incredible imaging, perfectly balanced mids and deep lows’.

Stu Lumsden, Vice President, Engineering and Quality, Sound United said the company set out to construct ‘loudspeakers that virtually transform the listening space into the performance space’.

Labelled True Stereo, Polk was ‘the first speaker manufacturer to maintain stereo separation all the way from the source to the ears’.

For more information regarding the new speaker line up, please visit the Polk Audio website.

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