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New Google Pixel 4 XL Features Leaked

Recent image leaks and a short video have seemingly given us our best look yet at the new Google Pixel 4 XL and what can be expected in terms of new features.

A Reddit user posted four images of the new smartphone on the Pixel subreddit, which shows the device’s front and back, as well as a shot of the device in a user’s hand with the screen on.

An “official” promotional video was also seemingly leaked on a Spanish tech site ProAndroid, which highlighted the smartphone’s new gesture controls, improved Assistant support and Night Sight camera.

In terms of design, it looks like it will remain quite similar to the previous model, though will now come with a larger square camera array.

The images also show both the black and white colour options for the device, as well as a new oversized top bezel to house the rumoured Soli-powered “Motion Sense” radar sensors, which will apparently simplify shooting fast-moving objects.

Meanwhile, a new leak from Chinese social network Weibo has been released showing a new orange colour option.

Google has yet to comment on the latest set of leaks or to confirm any of the details mentioned.

The company is expected to introduce the new device at a hardware event on October 15, with official pre-orders set to start immediately after the show.

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