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Pioneer Announces New Wireless Music Systems

Pioneer is set to launch a series of new wireless music systems offering support for high-res 24-bit audio and uncompressed multi-channel sound from movies.

Two FAYOLA music systems have been announced by Pioneer: the FS-W40, which consists of a central media centre and two wireless speakers, and the FS-W50, which adds a wireless subwoofer to make a 2.1 stereo system. A subwoofer is also available for purchase seperately, along with an additional pair of satellite speakers that can be added for wireless surround sound support.

Pioneer said that the systems can be configured to just a single room, or spread across multiple rooms through integration with Wi-Fi.

“No matter where the music comes from – from the Internet, from a locally connected source, from a streaming service such as Spotify, Tidal or Deezer, a hard disk, a USB memory, TV or a smartphone: FAYOLA can now use it to compatible devices throughout the house, can play with one or more of them perfectly synchronously as a group, or simply make individual sources connected to the main room accessible to individual users in other rooms,” according to Pioneer.

Alongside 24-bit audio support, the FAYOLA systems are also compatible with the latest HDMI technology, allowing connectivity with home theatres and support for 4K content. The systems can be controlled via an IR remote, or through the Pioneer Remote App for Apple and Android devices, which allows control over multi-room zones, inputs and other functionalities.

Pioneer’s FAYOLA systems will be available from Q2 2017, with pricing information not yet available.

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