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Its Here (Almost): Voda 4G “OZ Fastest” Hits June

Its Here (Almost): Voda 4G "OZ Fastest" Hits June“From June, we’ll start switching on customers who already have an eligible phone plan and 4G phone” telco No. 3 confirmed today,  after months of speculation.

“We’ll be kicking off with most of our coverage in Sydney and Perth, with some coverage in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast , Newcastle and Wollongong.” Rob Glennon, Voda’s Head of Network Product Management confirmed on a company blog.

Earlier this year, the telco confirmed they were testing 4G Long Term Evolution Network around Sydney and a Voda spokesperson told SmartHouse its network would have faster speeds than rival Telstra – the biggest 4G network in OZ (with plans 66% national coverage in 2013) – and Optus, which was confirmed today by CEO Bill Morrow.

Who has fastest 4G of them all?

Vodafone CEO Bill Morrow said the 4G LTE service would be Australia’s fastest, making good use of Vodafone’s superior holdings of 1800MHz spectrum, especially in Melbourne and Sydney.

Tests by Web site Gizmodo Australia at Vodafone’s North Sydney offices showed download connections at up to 69Mbps, with an average of 66Mbps; and uploads at 22Mbps.

Rival ZDNet reported a download at “approximately” 80Mbps.

Vodafone had suggested that, because it has 20MHz of spectrum in the 1800MHz spectrum band, the network may be able to get speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Morrow said an additional 2000 4G and 3G sites would be established this year, enhancing coverage.

It is also claiming industry-leading changes to data charging on new voice plans, both prepaid and postpaid; spending alerts for customers to avoid bill shock; and onshoring of its call centre operations back to Australia.

The telco will be selling two 4G Android phones –
the HTC One instore from April 23 and the Samsung Galaxy S4, to be
here next week.

Until now, Voda has been focusing on its troubled 3G and upgrading 3G+ sites after the epic network breakdown that was Vodafail in 2010-11.