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Philips Double Down On Dictation

Philips’ Voice Tracer range is set to receive an overhaul – courtesy of a partnership with the globally reputable Speech Processing Solutions.

While many modern smartphones include some form of rudimentary audio notation software, Philips’ Voice Tracers are being positioned to offer an experience that goes above and beyond that.

According to Dr. Thomas Brauner, CEO of Speech Processing Solutions, “Recording applications on smartphones cannot compete with the crystal-clear audio quality and the battery life of our voice recorders. Our customers now benefit from an even higher internal storage capacity and thanks to the USB connection, they can even use the device as an external storage unit,”

The new models will tout 8GB of internal storage.

Each device in the Voice Tracer range is designed for a different use (note-taking, conversations, lectures, musicians) and they also benefit from a second build-in stereo microphone designed to reduce background and ambient noise.

The Voice Tracer Note comes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition included, allowing for swift transcriptions while the 3Mic AutoZoom+ tech in the Voice Tracer unit designed for lectures and interviews help zoom in on the speakers voice and suppress anything that falls outside its focus.

There’s even a meetings-focused variant that can effectively record and transcribe audio for groups of up to five people.