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Minx TV Hits Sweet Spot

Minx TV Hits Sweet Spot

The Cambridge Audio Minx TV sound plinth is a slim box that fits under flat screen TV, with inbuilt BMR drivers, and digital amp with 6.5″ down-firing sub-woofer. This tidy minx is designed for those who don’t want the nuisance of a large soundbar taking up space. 

It also has Bluetooth, streaming tunes from your smartphone, PC and remembers 8 audio devices. 

The minimalist audio Minx TV has a powerful 100W amplification power – 50W subwoofer plus 2 X 25W channels for the Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers. These speakers create sound by moving back and forward, as well as horizontal and vertical vibrations, hitting the audio sweet spot anywhere in the room. 

Minx TV comes with all the cables Digital optical (Toslink), RCA line level, 3.5mm headphone jack. Optical and 3.5mm cables are included,  and it also comes with a remote control.
It also has advanced digital signal processing and adjustable EQ modes with four sound modes to choose from: TV, Film, Music and Voice. 
The solidly built cabinet is also acoustically damped to minimise vibration and supports a TV weighing up to 30kg. 
It is also eco friendly with less than 0.5W standby power consumption and auto power down if not used for 20 minutes.