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Panasonic Releases Two Next-Gen Fridges In Oz

Panasonic today launched two impressive 422L Refrigerators with smart controls and the company’s own Prime Fresh+ technology.

Keeping food fresh and bacteria free is a breeze with the Ag Clean filters, which suppress up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria and odours that would usually cause food spoilage.

The Prime Fresh+ technology ‘soft-freezes’ food in -3°C, locking in nutrients without the need to defrost before meal prep.

Fruit and veg is kept pristine with the Fresh Safe drawer, situated by 90 per cent humidity, and maintaining a contain temperature to retain moisture and crispness.

Three ECONAVI sensors will monitor energy, and make sure this fridge is both environmentally, and fiscally, sound.

“We have developed this range to deliver state-of-the-art cooling and food storage technologies that offer maximum flavour and convenience,” explains Ginger Yu, Product Marketing Manager – Appliances, Panasonic Australia.

“Our unique soft freezing Prime Fresh+ technology saves users time with no need for defrosting when preparing food. In addition, the Ag Clean filters suppress up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria and odours that can cause food spoilage.

“These new models feature fresh and safe storage, while minimising energy wastage. It really is a win-win for our consumers.”

The 422L Refrigerators are available in a stainless-steel or black finish, and boast a four-star energy rating.

They are available now for $1,549 RRP (NR-BX421BUSA) and $1,649 RRP (NR-BX421BPKA).

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