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Panasonic Offer AV Solutions To Exploration Of Cinema

Panasonic have been collaborating with the freshly opened Academy Of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles to take visitors on an immersive exploration of cinema using their audio visual expertise.

Amongst its memorabilia, the museum features AV equipment from Panasonic including projectors, 4K digital displays and lenses that let visitors learn about film in an interactive manner.

“We’re excited to collaborate with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to help create a compelling experience commemorating the past, present and future of movies and filmmaking,” says Panasonic.

“AV technology is something filmmakers use every day and improving that experience is very important. This is the perfect opportunity to make visitors feel like they’re a part of the movies with our AV solutions.”

As well as the 4K displays which showcase the effects in films such as Avatar and Jurassic Park, the museum is using Panasonic’s ultra-short throw lenses that allow people to approach projected images without casting a shadow.

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