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Panasonic Levels Up Lumix With New Ultra Fast G9

Panasonic has taken its successful LUMIX line to the next level, with the release of a new ultra fast ‘G9’ camera claimed to offer a suite of “best-in-class” features for the “photo enthusiast”.

The Japanese-based company claims its new LUMIX G9 delivers the “fastest-in-class burst shooting” at 20 fps (AFC)/60 fps (AFS) in 20MP full resolution including RAW.

The G9 debuts a new Pre-Burst shooting mode, enabling the camera to start shooting 0.4 seconds prior to shutter release (inclusive of RAW shooting).

Panasonic has continued to drive mirrorless technology in the LUMIX G9, heralded for “leading the industry” with an impressive 80MP High Resolution Mode.

The G9 introduces 6.5 stops compensation via “enhanced and ultra-precise” stabilisation technology (5-Axis Dual I.S. 2).

Panasonic claims the LUMIX G9’s Live View Finder (LVF) magnification ratio is the “largest in its class”.

The G9’s OLED LVF display offers a notable 120 fps (frames per second) refresh rate with no blackout – suitable for high-action photography.

Set to provide improved mobility, photographers will appreciate the introduction of USB charging.

The LUMIX G9 includes several features introduced by its predecessor, the LUMIX GH5, such as; 6K Photo Mode burst shooting with no buffer limit, and high-speed backup through Dual SD UHS-II Card slots.

Panasonic Australia Product Marketing Manager of Imaging, Scott Mellish, believes the G9 will be especially appealing to photographers craving striking detail:

“Enthusiasts looking to broaden their scope with a highly mobile camera designed for fast action photography in the wildlife and sports arena will appreciate the G9 – with high-performance features housed in a sleek, lightweight design. In addition, the camera’s unique 80-megapixel mode is a boon for landscape photographers wanting to create images with incredible detail”.

The LUMIX G9 takes advantage of high-speed capabilities, offering 6K Photo and recording a burst of 18MP still images continually at 30fps with no buffer limit.

4K is also available – users can select from the following three modes dependant on their situation: 6K/4K Burst, 6K/4K Burst (Start/Stop) and 6K/4K Pre-burst.

Panasonic claims it has further advanced Depth From Defocus (DFD) technology, enabling the G9 to capture an “industry leading“ AF of approximately 0.04 seconds.

The LUMIX G9 is suited to action and sports photography, through the incorporation of Deep Learning Technology, in addition to conventional Face/Eye Recognition.

Panasonic affirms it has enhanced the LUMIX G9 with a new algorithm to support up to 6.5 stops of image stabilisation, catering to much slower shooting speeds and ISO values. This is courtesy of a Dual I.S.2 technology, said to combine a 5-axis internal stabilisation with optical image stabilisation in selected lenses.

The new algorithm is also said to offer better shake detection and compensation, especially for low-frequency movement.

One the G9’s crowning glories is its High Resolution Mode which produces an “80MP equivalent” (10368 x 7776 pixels) RAW and/or JPEG image, by automatically capturing and combining 8 consecutive images.

[Source: Panasonic]

Mellish affirms the LUMIX G9’s High Resolution Mode brings advanced technology to a more affordable price point:

“With resolution like this generally seen only on medium format cameras that cost many times more than the G9, this will have great appeal when tripod shooting in the fields of landscape, architecture and product photography”.

The LUMIX G9’s Live View Finder is heralded a key focus of the new camera, boasting an “industry leading” 0.83 magnification ratio and 3,680K-dot OLED, said to offer a smooth 120 fps display, with time lag of less than 0.005 seconds – plus a notable 10,000:1 high contrast ratio.

Panasonic claims the status LCD on the top of the G9’s body is the largest in its class, most likely to appeal to pro photographers.

The Japanese giant has endeavoured to create an ergonomic and mobile pro camera, which features a “rugged field design” (being dust proof, splash proof and freeze proof), weighing just 579 grams.

In addition to USB charging, the G9 features a Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connection and a secure 5GHz WiFi connection, to provide added mobility and convenience.

Alongside the unveiling of the LUMIX G9, Panasonic has also introduced a new ultra-telephoto LEICA lens (200MM/F2.8), with Power OIS, claimed to provide handheld 400mm equivalent shooting.

Panasonic believes that the new H-ES200 LEICA lens is the “perfect partner for the LUMIX G9” and is suitable for action photography, offering “compact mobility” at a 200mm focal length “unheard of in other camera systems”.

The LUMIX G9 camera, accompanying Battery Grip and Eyecup, plus new H-ES200 LEICA lens will launch in Australia in January 2018, and be available at specialist photography and selected consumer electronics retailers at the below prices:

DC-G9GN-K – Body only: RRP $2499

DC-G9LEICA – Leica kit with 12-60mm f2.8-4.0 lens (H-ES12060E): RRP $3499

DC-G9PRO – Pro kit with 12-35mm f2.8 lens (H-HSA12035E): RRP $3499 DMW-BGG9 – Accessory Battery Grip: RRP $399

DMW-EC4 – Accessory Eyecup: RRP $29.95

H-ES200 LEICA Lens – $4,299

(For further information, visit www.panasonic.com.au)

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