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Apple To Bring Face ID To 2018 IPad

Today, Apple Inc. revealed they are working on a new redesigned high-end iPad that incorporates key iPhone X features such as facial recognition and slimmer edges.

The new version of the upgraded iPad is unlikely to include an OLED screen that provides crisp sharper images and colour. This was confirmed by Apple Inc. workers who want to keep their identities hidden.

OLED screens can more accurately reproduce colours, but they are more difficult to produce in mass quantities than standard liquid-crystal displays. The only supplier capable of this kind of production is Samsung Electronics Co, which does supply OLED panels for the iPhone, but may be unable to mass produce more for this new iPad.

The new model will be like Appleā€™s previous 10.5-inch iPad Pro, and include face-ID for unlocking the device, Apple pay for users, and an animated emoji feature. These features will replace the iPad home button that has originally come with a fingerprint scanner since release in early 2014.

iPad sales have been in steady decline for the past three years. However, Apple has confirmed they still see the iPad as the future for mainstream computing uses and business users.

The new iPad could be available as early as next year, with all these newly fitted features. It is unclear what the price-tag will be.

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