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Oz IT Jobs Market Struggles To Recover Post-Pandemic

Jobs in the ICT sector are proving to be the slowest to recover post pandemic according to the latest figures from online employment site SEEK.

The number of ICT jobs has declined 22 percent in the past 12 months to January 2021.

SEEK found companies are looking for developers and programmers, systems analysts, software engineers, program/project managers and help/desk support staff.

SEEK has also identified a major shift in the sector’s employment structure which traditionally has been filled by more contract and temporary roles than any other industry.

In 2019 SEEK found the split was 58 percent full-time roles and 42 percent temporary, part-time or casual roles.

But last year the gap narrowed with full-time positions accounting for 57.9 percent, while 42.1 percent were temporary, part-time or casual roles.

NSW and Victoria suffered most during the downturn with a 20 percent fall in IT jobs, while ACT jobs fell 12 percent. even though the public sector grew three percent.

Marketing and communications have also been hit hard, with demand falling around 20 percent – except in South Australia where it grew an unexpected 27 percent.

SEEK also found a radical change in the way we may work in the future. Two  in five workers indicated they would take part in more online meetings in the future.

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