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Oz Discovery Could Lead To New Bendy Smartphones

The arrival of bendable smartphones and other gadgets could be on the horizon following the announcement of the development of a flexible semiconductor by scientists at the Australian National University.

The bendy semiconductor contains both organic and inorganic materials that ANU says can convert electricity into light very efficiently.

The organic component of the semiconductor, made from carbon and hydrogen, is said to have the thickness of just one atom. An inorganic component has the thickness of around two atoms.

The hybrid structure is said to be able to convert electricity into light efficiently for displays on mobile phones, televisions, and other electronic devices.

“We have the potential with this semiconductor to make mobile phones as powerful as today’s supercomputers,” said Ankur Sharma, a Ph D researcher at the ANU Research School of Engineering.

“The light emission from our semiconducting structure is very sharp, so it can be used for high-resolution displays and, since the materials are ultra-thin, they have the flexibility to be made into bendable screens and mobile phones in the near future.”

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